September 7th, 2017


Hello everyone,


As you must have seen, It's kind of been a while since I last posted any news.

I chose to stop publishing on this website, considering that I am posting on a daily basis on social media during my tournaments. You can find the links that will lead you to my Facebook and Instagram accounts on the home page, my Instagram being the best way to follow me when you're an English speaker (I am only posting in french on my Facebook page).

I'll keep on feeding this website with my schedule and results.


Wishing you an excellent week end, and see you soon on social media ! ;)


April 18th, 2017


Hello everyone,

I left Rabat yesterday and am spending the day in Lisbon before taking off to Terceira Island where I'm about to play The AZORES LADIES OPEN, on the LET Access, starting on Friday the 21st of April.

The two first tournaments of the season, one in Terre Blanche, France, on the LET Access and the other in Morocco on the Ladies European Tour have enabled me to compete again after three months of physical training, technical work and small equipment changes.

My scores haven't been great and I missed cuts, but I figured it would take several tournaments to be back on tracks. Both courses was interesting and demanding and I learned a lot.

I'm therefor very happy to fly to my third season's tournament on the LET Access, because I was fourth on the waiting list of the LET's Spain event that has a restricted number of players (108 instead of 126). I'll be playing mainly on the LETAS for the next two months, the next LET's tournament being in Turkey June 19-21.


Talk to you soon !



March 7th, 2017


Hello everyone,

The season will soon begin and I want to let you know what I'm up to. 

After the LET Q school in December, I took a few days off and quickly started working out again with the goal of making it to the next step this winter. Lots of time in the gym, and less on the greens because of the cold weather. I then left the cold Parisian temperatures for the south of Spain. 

I stayed three weeks and trained intensely on the greens and in the gym... ;)

I've been back in Paris for a week and I am getting ready for my next tournament the Terre Blanche Ladies Open (March 31-April 2) on the LET Access Series. This tournament will get me ready for the two LET tournaments in April.


Thanks for your support and talk to you soon !



December 24th, 2016


Good evening,

I'm very happy to announce that, there we are, I've obtained my full card to play on the Ladies European Tour this coming season !!!

The last round was crucial, I knew that playing under par would give me great chances to succeed and I'm proud I did.

My goal to access the LET at the end of 2015, postponed because of my injury, is now reached.

I am very impatient to start the 2017 season, and I let you know my schedule very soon.


My scores : 70/76/69/72/71


Thanks to all for the great support.

I wish you all a merry Christmas and happy new year and will see you in 2017 !




December 4th, 2016 :


Good evening,

I just came back last night from the south of Spain. I was there for 12 days, preparing the last stage of the European Tour Q School.

I have direct access to the final stage thanks to my ranking on the LETAS (28th after playing 7 tournaments out of 15).

In spite of the rainy weather, we've had an interesting stay.

I was fortunate enough to play two Gecko Tour tournaments (winter women and men's tour really well organized and spirited held in the Costa del Sol).

they hold two 2 days tournaments a week and I was able to play in two of these.

I finished 19th on the first with scores 73/72 (par 71).

Thanks to these two rounds, the second went better, I finished 12th , 71/68 on another par 71 course.

Even though the seconds tournament's scores are very satisfactory, I didn't putt as well as I could have, and did not convert all the birdie opportunities provided by my very good iron game.

time on the putting greens is scheduled for next week, 10 days in Morocco before the Final stage begins.

Thanks for all your support. 

See you on the 17th of December !!



October 9th, 2016 :


Good evening,

Back in Paris after traveling for four weeks , let me sum up my last two weeks.

The first week meant traveling to the Azores, on a very selective and strategic course with lots of wind. I finished 17th of the tournament with 75/74/74. Rather happy with the result, with a level of play not as stable as I would have wanted.

I only came back after midnight last night from the second tournament. It took place in England on a quite interesting course, not very long but quite technical, with very good and fast greens.

This week's result is very positive, as it leads me to my FIRST PRO VICTORY, and my best ever score card (-8) !!! I am therefore the winner of the WPGA International Challenge 2016, which was my 6th tournament after my break, with score cards 73/64/68 (-11 under par, and a three shots advantage over the runner up)

Thanks to all for your support !

I'll be in Spain in ten days, for the last tournament of the LET Access Series.


Média :



September  19th, 2016 :


Hello everyone !

I flew back yesterday from Sweden (3rd tournament after my break)

Result : 72/76/72 (T27th)

I am satisfied with this week. The two last rounds reminded me what it is to play in the wind. Good habits come back fast. still a few bad shots, but they were fewer. 

Happy about the good trend.

We are driving to Strasbourg this afternoon, first practice round tomorrow.

Thanks for the support !

My next goal is to play under par. ;)



Septembre 1st, 2016 :


Hello everyone,

I'm home after my two back to competition tournaments, after more than 10 months without playing.

1st tournament in Norway :

72/78 (missed cut)

2nd tournament in Finland :

77/77 (missed cut)

I'm overall satisfied with the level of play but the lack of playing was felt with two to three far off target shots per round...

Can't wait to keep on playing rounds and leave on September 12th for four weeks on the LET Access Series.

Thanks for your support !

Good scores to come ! ;)



July 24th, 2016 :


Finally !

I'm so happy to announce that I've completely recovered ! I'm now planning on playing again on the LET Access in Norway on August 18-20, 2016.

I'll also be playing the following week a LET Access in Finland (August 25-27th). 

These will be my two first tournaments after a long 10 months break.

I cannot wait ! :)